The much awaited Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party  rally took place Baraza park in Garissa town today. Thousand of wanainchi parade attended the rally.

The rally, which was attended by ODM top officials including the party flag bearer Hon. Raila Odinga, the party chairman Hon Henry Koskey,  pentagon member Hon. Najib Balala, the party parliamentary aspirants among them Mr. Aden Bare Duale,  Mr. Ali Bunow Korane, Mr. Hassan Abdi Aress  ( contesting for Dujis constituency) Hon. Farah Maalim for Lagdera constituency, Mr. Abdullahi Farah for  Fafi constituency and Hon Billow Kerow for Mandera central. The rally was also attended by supkem officials and other religious leaders from the region.

The turn out can be said as the largest of its kind in the province, a clear indication of how the party has became popular among the residence.

Many speakers who spoke at the rally have accused the incumbent president and his government for failing to make to his promises instead the residence suffered much more.

The speakers claim that the government had deported several Kenyan Muslims to Mogadisho Somali and latter they were transferred to secret cells in Ethiopia and their fete are yet to be known anyone.

Hon. Raila Odinga, the party torch bearer,  made several pledges (physical and social insfructure) which he name them MARSHAL PLAN FOR NORHERN FRONTIER DISTRICTS, the plan include :

1)      Roads – Mr. Raila  promised that his government first step will be construction of roads in the province, he said the province have one (1)  kilometer tarmac road since independence and this has contributed enormously to backwardness  and under development in the region. He claim the Kibaki government built 500 KM in Nyeri  district alone where the president hails and this amount to 4.3 billion Kenya shilling. Mr  Odinga government will tarmac Garissa – Mandera  road
2)      Water -  this is the second marshal plan for northern Kenya according  to ODM flag bearer Hon. Odinga. He said the ODM government will improve water availability to the residence  since the province experience chronic drought. This will be done through building water boreholes, cannals from the permanent rivers and even by conserving rain water during rainy season.
3)        Electricity : Hon. Raila  promise that his government will bring electricity to the rural people, he termed this as rural electrification. This will ensure the rural people to life in comfort,
4)      Education: the ODM government promise to introduce free secondary education  and not free tuition  secondary education claimed by the incumbent president. He promise to built a national school in every constituency country wide.   Hon. Raila  said the ODM government will improve the primary education by hiring more teachers to counter balance the increasing  pupils joining primary scholls. He said the ratio will be 1 teacher for every 40 pupils.


Images from top left: 1) Hon Raila Omolo Arriving at Garissa Show Ground 2)Hon. Raila waving to supporters at ODM Rally In Garissa Show Ground.3) thousands of ODM Supporters at Garissa show Ground chanting Raila Tosha, Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora 4)Police officers try to calm down determined supporters of Hon. Raila and his party ODM. 5)Sheikh Hussein of Garissa reciting Dua to open the rally 6)One of Dujis Parliamentary aspirant Mr. Ali Bunow Korane Speaking to Wanainchi at the Rally.7)Lagdera parliamentary aspirant Hon. Farah Maalim speaking to Wanainchi at Odm Rally in Garissa Show Ground.8)Dujis Parliamentary aspirant Hassan Abdi Aress speaking to Wanainchi at the rally 9)thousands of supporters listening attentive to the speech of ODM Members 10)Hon Billow Kerow Adressing Thousands of ODM supporters at Garissa Show Ground.11)Wajir South Parliamentary aspirant Mr. Mohamed Abdi Abdullahi addressing the rally.12)Mayor of Migori Mr. Junnet Mohamed stating his total support to ODM presidential Candidate Hon. Raila Omolo Odinga (pictures by Amin, Garissa)